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The Everlasting Relevance of the Sabbath



The Everlasting Relevance of the Sabbath shows from the Bible that the seventh-day Sabbath has a rich and permanent meaning as a memorial of Creation and God’s gift of holy time to humanity. Moreover, as a moral imperative from God, it will play a major role in earth’s final events.




Super Heroes



Everybody needs a hero.

In this book are the stories of the greatest heroes since the beginning of time. Stand with Moses on the mountaintop as he receives the laws that would change the world. Witness David, the young shepherd boy, conquer the giant. Be inspired by the bravery of Esther as she risked her life for her people. And read about the greatest hero of all, Jesus, who risked everything for you. Let these stories from the Bible be a source of encouragement to you and your family as you read them. Give your children a real hero they can look up to today.

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Prayer Still Moves Mountains


God is not watching from a safe distance. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and His army of holy angels, God has heavenly boots on the ground right now, guiding our steps and answering our calls for help. This compilation of heartfelt, personal vignettes about answered prayer will renew your spiritual strength for the last chapter of Earth’s story.




Through the Eyes of Luke: A Devotional Commentary



Rediscover the person of Christ and the story of the early church in new and wonderful ways. Like Luke, who never met Jesus in person, we are invited to undertake the ultimate adventure of knowing and following Him.

Health & Nutrition Corner 


Good For Me: How to take care of my body, my mind, and my friends



Good for Me illustrates how the harmony of the three important dimensions in children’s lives—body, mind and relationships—bring ultimate health and happiness.

Simply Plant Based Cookbook



The simplest and most health-promoting diet is built on whole, plant-based foods that are low in fat, sugar, and sodium and high in fiber and nutrients. But more than a diet, this is a lifestyle. And to be sustainable, the food must be delicious, interesting, and fun to eat.

God's Nutritionist: Pearls of Wisdom from Ellen G. White



Here are 500 of White's "pearls of wisdom"-words that are as moral, insightful, and practical! as they are accurate. Gathered from her many works, these classic quotations beautifully present her beliefs, from her stand as an ardent vegetarían to her view of the negative effects of dairy products on health. To this, Cohen has added fascinating excerpts culled from today's leading scientific journals, validating the many points made by Mrs. White.

Boost Your Immune System: Using God's Natural Remedies



In Boost Your Immune System, Dr. Donald Hall outlines four key strategies to lower your risk of chronic and infectious disease. These four steps, based on God's natural remedies, bring together common sense and current data in a practical "how to" guide.

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