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Hearts of Faith: How We Became SDA


Expectation, exultation, bewilderment, and despair—these were the emotions amid which the Seventh-day Adventist Church was conceived. Hearts of Faith recounts the story of the transition from the weeping that followed the Great Disappointment of October 22, 1844, to the hopeful emergence of the infant Seventh-day Adventist Church 19 years later.

Though the story of the SDA Church’s history has often been told, this critical span has been largely ignored, as if the church was an inescapable outcome of the Great Disappointment. This book argues, however, that the 19-year interval was both crucial and did not have a predetermined outcome. The choices the pioneers made shaped the denomination they would go on to establish and its impact on the world for generations.

Hearts of Faith briefly reviews the Millerite Adventist movement, explores the history of Sabbatarian Adventists, and pores over the vital development of a common identity among those who still held on to the blessed hope of Christ’s soon return.

Get to know the roots of this prophetic community of faith and develop a renewed awe for how God has harnessed the passion of His people to accomplish His work, near and far.

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Te Ten


Do you ever worry that it’s too hard to keep God’s law and fear that you won’t be able to keep it well enough to be saved? Maybe you’re so convinced of your unworthiness that you’ve resigned yourself to being lost and, like the author’s high school classmate, figure, “Hell’s not so bad. It’s just a little burning, and then it’s over.”

If so, here’s some life-changing news!

God didn’t give you the Ten Commandments to save you from hell when you die (Jesus did that). He gave you the Ten Commandments to save you from living in hell until you die.

In The Ten, you’ll find out when God gave the Ten Commandments to His people—and why it matters. You’ll also discover why He gave them (hint: it wasn’t to assert arbitrary control over people). Then, unwrap the Ten Commandments one by one, exploring how each reveals a picture of God and the priceless, practical gifts packaged within.

Legalism—ripping the responsibility for our salvation from Jesus’ nail-pierced hands—is a burden so great that it causes spiritual exhaustion and collapse. Instead of viewing the Ten Commandments as a cross to bear or an obstacle to heaven, The Ten will show you that by loving the Savior and accepting the wisdom He gives through grace, we can really live, avoiding much of the pain that comes when we disregard God’s instruction.

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Habits of the Heart: Biblical Principles for Growing Christian



Do you remember your first encounter with God?

And after you first committed your life to Christ, did you wonder, “OK, now what?” Growing Christians often need a spiritual mentor—someone to share insights, offer tips for growth, and point out potential pitfalls along the journey.

In Habits of the Heart, author Kenneth Crawford highlights principles for spiritual growth drawn from his own testimony and Christian experience.

Start by exploring strategies for establishing and growing God’s kingdom in your own heart because there is no more cruel existence in the realm of Christianity than a life without the assurance of salvation. Learn to give God permission to change you, listen as He communicates, and intentionally experience gratitude.

Then dive into ways you can share the story of God’s work in your life. The most powerful witness you have on earth is the story of what Jesus has done for you. The devil cannot dispute it; atheists cannot deny it; agnostics cannot argue against it. By sharing, you can bring your faith walk full circle by mentoring other growing Christians.

If you’re longing for a deeper experience with Jesus, it’s time to embrace the Habits of the Heart.

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Saludable Mente



La mente es el motor que nos impulsa a disfrutar de una vida plena y feliz.

Al gestionar nuestras emociones la mente puede hacernos vivir los mejores momentos de la vida o agotar toda nuestra energía. Por ello es de capital importancia usarla SALUDABLEMENTE.

Uno de los problemas de salud más comunes que afecta a la mente es la depresión. Según la OMS, la depresión afecta a más de 300 millones de personas. Es común decir o escuchar la frase «estoy deprimido/a», pero muchas veces no disponemos de las herramientas adecuadas para afrontar esta situación.

En SALUDABLEMENTE el Dr. Julián Melgosa explica en qu consiste la depresión y cómo prevenirla, siempre de manera sencilla, amena y práctica. Además, el Dr. Melgosa presenta aquí diferentes estrategias de prevención que son resultado de múltiples estudiosy experiencias en todo el mundo.

lgualmente importante es saber qué hacer cuando ya se ha producido un cuadro de depresión. Para ello descubrirás diferentes tratamientos y qué hacer para vencer la depresión.

A lo largo de toda la obra encontrarás diferentes cuadros, con variadas informaciones útiles, sobre todos los temas tratados. Así los comprenderás en profundidad y podrás aplicar todos los consejos de manera más eficaz.(Te invitamos a tomar el control de tu mente y ser más feliz!

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Prayer Still Moves Mountains



Do you ever get so shaken in the middle of a book that you skip to the end to make sure everything turns out OK?

As Christians, we believe our story ends with “happily ever after.” Until then, “God moments” are abundant, even in the midst of life’s chaos.

Prayer Still Moves Mountains reminds us that God loves to respond to the sincere prayers of His children. He still performs miracles through us and for us, allows angels to touch our lives, and waits alongside us for eternity’s arrival. Through these pages, you’ll learn how to:

  • know who you are in Christ,

  • respond to people who have anger issues,

  • remain assured when loved ones die,

  • discern if a door is closed or open,

  • and more!

God is not watching from a safe distance. Through the power of the Holy Spirit and His army of holy angels, God has heavenly boots on the ground right now, guiding our steps and answering our calls for help. This compilation of heartfelt, personal vignettes about answered prayer will renew your spiritual strength for the last chapter of Earth’s story.

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40 Days: Prayers and Devotions on the Sovereignty of God



This world has gone mad. Is God really in charge?

Many times in Scripture, God tells us not to be afraid. So how do we do that? Understanding what the Bible teaches about God’s sovereignty is the key to experiencing a life of peace instead of one brimming with fear and anxiety.

In 40 Days: Prayers and Devotions on the Sovereignty of God, you’ll discover:

  • why God’s sovereignty matters,

  • how nature reveals God’s sovereignty,

  • what role predestination plays in restoration,

  • whether God is in control of evil people, and so much more. Banish fear by reviewing the evidence that God is, indeed, sovereign—yesterday, today, and forever.

This is the thirteenth book in the 40 Days devotional series. As with the first twelve books, this devotional is designed to prepare God’s church for Christ’s second coming as well as to help His people reach out to others in preparation for that glorious event. This preparation begins with church members who are willing to commit to forty days of prayer and devotional study to develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Courageous Kids



Are you ready to be amazed?

Being courageous and fearless doesn’t mean you’re not scared, worried, panicky, or wishing you didn’t have to do what needs to be done. It simply means that you’re feeling scared, worried, panicky, wishing you didn’t have to do what needs to be done, and then doing it anyway. That takes guts!

As you’ll discover in these pages, people who choose courage over fear end up learning valuable lessons, too. Their experiences actually make their faith in God stronger and give them power to deal with life’s dangerous and sometimes unfair challenges—both large and small. It’s true! Because, with God on their side, they actually fear less.

Throughout the book, you’ll also find some “Be Fearless” pages sprinkled in. They may help you grow your own personal brand of courage. That way, you’ll be ready to show others how to experience less fear and to be courageous kids!

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Outside the Gate



Rhoda is a busy slave girl in John Mark’s household. Her days are filled with cooking and cleaning until the day Peter is imprisoned, and the followers of Jesus all come over to pray for his release. As the disciples share the Lord’s Supper, Rhoda finds herself unexpectedly drawn into the action.

Based on the story in Acts 12, David Edgren imagines what it would have been like to become a member of the early Christian church. This book was written primarily for early independent readers; this book explores themes such as belonging, faith, communion and service in a way that appeals to the heart.

It is also perfect for family worship, with discussion questions at the end of the book.

Age: 6 -12 years

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David & Goliath - Ready, Set, Find



Get ready to follow David as he sets out to help the Israelite army. David has an important task. He needs help to find things on his way as he prepares to fight the giant Goliath. So, on your marks, ready - set - find!

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The Powerful Plate



Lifestyle, Food, and Cancer

Modern research shows a clear link between certain lifestyle behaviors and cancer risk. These studies reveal a simple yet profound truth—many cancers are preventable. Our health is mainly in our own hands, and this should give us hope. We can make it the very best health possible through our own intelligent choices, both today and future.

You’ll learn how and why certain foods—fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole grains—help fortify the body’s defenses against disease. Then, you'll find culinary inspiration in a collection of simple, mouth-watering recipes featuring these cancer-fighting ingredients.

Good food, combined with other healthy lifestyle choices, can be like medicine to the body. You can achieve and maintain good health—one seed, one nut, one grain at a time—starting today.

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Green Cuisine



“When is comes to successfully combating the epidemic of heart disease, diabetes, excess weight, and high blood pressure, nothing in effectiveness trumps a plant-based whole-food centered diet.  This cookbook embodies these principles.  You will thrive and experience health, vitality, and joy without the looming threat of chronic disease and premature death."

“And you will enjoy these mouthwatering recipes.  You can do them.” 

Dr. Hans Diehl

founder of CHIP & Lifestyle Medicine Institute,

clin. professor preventive medicine,

Loma Linda University, School of Medicine,

Loma Linda California.

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The Ministry of Health and Healing



An Ellen White classic on health updated for the 21st century

To better communicate the timeless truths in our health message to today’s generation, the Ellen G. White Estate has produced The Ministry of Health and Healing, an adaptation of The Ministry of Healing. The sentences are shorter, repetition has been removed, and the vocabulary reflects 21st century speech. But the message of Ellen White’s 1905 classic has not changed.

This adaptation is a fresh look at the principles that make up God’s approach to abundant living. Here are insights into the many factors that contribute to a life that is truly filled with health and healing.

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The Ministry of Healing Study Guide



Health and happiness go hand in hand. Never has it been more important to understand the physical and spiritual laws of health than today, when stress, mental illness, heart disease, and cancer are ravaging our society. Is there a better way to live? Do God and nature possess the secrets to a long life and peace of mind?

The Ministry of Healing is a classic work by Ellen G. White that spells out God’s plan for the health and happiness of the human family. In it you will find inspired counsel on everything from diet and exercise to building happy homes and an eternal relationship with the Creator.

This companion study guide to The Ministry of Healing summarizes each chapter of the original book, adds a devotional thought on the featured topic, highlights quotable quotes, gives @Tweets_of_Healing to share, and provides discussion questions for a deeper dive into the concepts.

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